About Me

Later approached to make a wedding cake with Ombre’ Sugar Roses, (had never made one before) to match 3 brides maid dresses, I thought I’ll give it a go…..That’s where I discovered  my passion in creating Sugar Flowers! From customizing and matching the wedding colors to creating flowers that a bride has her heart set on that are not in season. Sugar flowers break the seasonal boundaries and offer the beauty that every wedding cake deserves....year round.

Always finding joy in baking cakes for family and friends…..It was quite by accident that I realized my love for creating wedding cakes. A vision for a unique wedding cake display for a special person in my life headed me in this direction. After accompanying her to many bakeries that could not carry out this vision (at least at a reasonable price), I discovered a natural ability and talent I never knew I possessed.The desire to create that unique cake for each bride that I’ve had the pleasure to serve, has helped me in honing my skills in the Sugar Arts.

April 18, 1987

My Wedding Day